"Constellation" Papercut 100x100cm

"Radiolaria ii" papercut 100cm x 100cm

"Transmitter i " papercut  42cm tall.

"Receiver i" papercut 30cm tall

"Flourishing" Papercut 122x122. 

"Transmitter"  papercut 65cm high

"Receiver" papercut 30cm high

"The Guardian of Nunhead" Screen print. Black. Edition of 25. 2014.


"The Guardian of Nunhead" Screen Print. Red. Edition of 25. 2014

"The Guardian of Nunhead" Screen print. Gold. Edition of 10. 2015.


“The Lower World” 2011. Black Paper. 222x222cm. 

"Transmitters & Receivers" (Family) Paper and found object 3d assemblage

Papercut 2

“A Matter Of Life And Death” 2009. White Paper. 

Papercut 3

“Waiting For You” 2011. 


"The Rude Truth" 2010. Black Paper 122x122cm. 

“Death Removed” 2011. Black Paper. 100x100cm. 

“From The Fires Of Burnt Lies” 2011. 

“If You Knew What I Saw Inside You” 2010. Black Paper.120x120cm. 

"Untitled-1"  2009 Black Paper. 120x120cm.

"I Can't Imagine Living And Not Running". 2012. Paper. 140x140cm.